Peterson AutoStrobe 490ST Guitar Tuner

Peterson AutoStrobe 490ST Guitar Tuner

Peterson AutoStrobe 490ST Guitar Tuner

AutoStrobe 490ST Guitar Tuner description:

The Peterson 490-ST Desktop Strobe Tuner includes stretch tuning capabilities for enhanced tuning of string or percussion instruments, such as the piano, bass, guitar, marimba, steel pan, and others.

The Peterson 490-ST responds at the speed of light to display relative tuning of any audio source to 0.1 of a cent (1/1000 of a semitone) accuracy. Students, technicians, and musicians at all levels can utilize automatic (hands-free) note selection for fast, accurate tuning of instruments. This feature also permits a real-time display of intonation to improve performance and listening skills while playing.

Peterson 490-ST features include:

  • Desktop Strobe Tuner
  • Lightning fast response
  • 0.1 cent (1/1000 of a semitone) accuracy
  • Wide Selection of Pre-Programmed Stretch Files - tables with optimized tunings for all piano types and sizes
  • Up to 31 additional files may be programmed by the user
  • Automatic Note Selection
  • Automatic Image Clarity and Contrast Control - internal compensation for optimal viewing over a wide range of source pitch and volume
  • Improved Clarity For Upper and Lower Register Notes
  • +2/-1 display feature shifts the strobe patterns into more visible middle ranges—bass note patterns can be displayed two octaves higher and treble note patterns can be displayed one octave lower in strobe display
  • Easy Transposition - strobe patterns appear at the correct note for Bb, F, and Eb instruments
  • External Input and Through Output with Mute - for in-line, silent tuning during performances

Peterson AutoStrobe 490ST Guitar Tuner (code 88370)
Desktop Guitar Strobe Tuner With Stretch Tuning
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code 88370

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